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Welcome to RialtaInfo.

The place to find nearly anything you need to know about your Rialta RV.

Update 12/21/20  The groups on the service are available for questions.  (YahooGroups was shut down completely on December 15, 2020.)  They're easy to use.  Mark Fletcher, the individual that designed ONEList, which eventually became Yahoo Groups, is the person responsible for this new site.  He's constantly upgrading and refining the site to include things that are requested and to improve useablity.  Signing up is very easy.  When you go to any of the group links, there will be a link at the upper right, in the blue bar, to Sign Up.  Here are the links to the groups:

Rialta  For social discussions such as rallies or trips, as well as listing a rig for sale

Rialta-Tech  For technical assistance, either the VW chassis or Winnebago coach

Vista-Sunstar (2002-2004 on the VW chassis)  Social and technical combined since there are fewer units

Special Note:  If you have "The Baldy on CD" dated 4/7/2013, there is a problem with the links for the generator files.  On the CD version, they point to the web site instead of the correct local files.  There are a couple of solutions for this.  You'll need to download one of these ZIP files:

generator page (6KB) Found and corrected a couple more glitches, 6/20/13

a completely new copy of the DVD. (~691MB) 3/17/19  (No longer fits on a CD.)

If you've copied the CD version to your hard drive, you can download the first file which is only the corrected page for the generator.  Unzip it and copy it to the directory "winnebago" to replace the existing one named generator.htm located there.

If you get the whole DVD, you'll need to unzip it to create the ISO file to burn a new version of the DVD.  I'll try to keep the ISO up to date so you can always get the latest version.  This one contains all updates as of 17 March 2019.  I'll still be happy to mail a copy to anyone that may have trouble burning a DVD.

This site will always be a work in progress.

There's a lot of information available for the Rialta, but it can be difficult to find sometimes.  Even on this site things are not always where you might expect them to be.  In that light, there will continue to be improvements to make the information posted here easier to find and work with.  The initial information is the original Baldy web site.  As things progress, some of that information will be edited and updated.  New information discovered since Baldy sold his Rialta (2006) will be added.  Additions and changes will be made as required.

Most of the information found here is the result of someone else's hard work.  This site is merely a collection point to, hopefully, make it all easier to find.  To all of those that have made contributions, my most sincere thanks.  I hope to have a page crediting all of those that have come before me.

I'm new to web pages (in case you can't tell already) so things will probably go slow to begin with.  All suggestions are welcome and I'll reply for clarification or details.  Please send your emails directly if you're on one of the groups.

I'd like to thank Baldy for gathering all this information in one place.  He's given permission to use this as long as there is a Rialta on the road.  As new information becomes available and I get pages and/or files made, they'll be added in the appropriate place.  I talked to Baldy about how to best handle this.  His suggestion was to incorporate them as needed rather than have bad or dated information that might cause problems.  It will probably be obvious if a whole new page or file is created, at least until I have more practice.  Previously existing pages and/or files may get updated without notice.  Please help keep this information as accurate as we can.

Thanks, Duane


Please be aware that any information you see here on this website is all to be regarded as merely personal opinion. All official data regarding the Rialta and/or the EuroVan must come from either Winnebago Industries or Volkswagen. You should contact them for any "official" or "final word".

"With beauty, brains and a whole lot more.
There is a certain pleasure in owning something that is superbly designed.  And you can hear it in a Rialta owner’s voice.   You see, we’ve packed a whole lot of our very best thinking into Rialta.  Even from the outside, it differs markedly from other motor homes.  Rialta is incredibly fuel efficient and measures in at a very maneuverable 22 feet.  Its sleek, aerodynamic lines and softly rounded contours please the eye, reduce drag and help quiet the interior.  But don’t let Rialta’s size fool you.  Inside, you’ll find it has plenty of room for comfortable living.  And, as a full-featured Class C motor home, it’s loaded with the same kind of creature comforts and conveniences found in vehicles nearly twice its size."

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