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Cleaning the pump filter:

There is a simple metal mesh screen filter attached to each water pump that should be periodically cleaned to insure proper flow through the pump. When the filter clogs up, no water is moved so that would be your first clue that the filter need cleaning.

Accessing the pumps and filters on the FD model is quite easy as there are located under the beds. But on the QD and HD models, the pumps are located under the bench seat on each side. Even though you can tilt the bottom bench seat portion partially upwards, gaining full working access to the pump area is still limited. It is much better to remove the bottom kick panel below each bench seat and thereby gain practically unlimited access. Since you'll be working near 110v wiring, make sure your rig is not on shore power at the time while working around the pump areas.

To remove the bottom panel under the left dinette seat on the QD or HD, you must remove the four screws around the perimeter of the breaker box. You will find that the breaker box and swing down cover always stays in place and is not removable. Then lifting up on the seat bottom to provide clearance, lift the panel straight up and out. The panel is supposed attached to the two legs of the seat via Velcro (the manual says clips) but the self-stick of Velcro and raw wood usually lets go very easily. You'll have to lay down on the floor on your side to access the filter. You'll see one tubing line coming into the top of the filter. This is the supply line coming from the shower drain. As with all other water tubing connections on the rig, simply unscrew the plastic tubing fitting and then pull the tubing slightly away from the filter. Once the tubing is disconnected, you can unscrew the entire filter assembly from the pump body. When you do remove the tubing and filter, there may be a small amount of water that will drip out but it won't be a flood or anything like that. I'd suggest putting down a dry rag to start with so that any minor water spills would be soaked right up.

Once you get the filter assembly out and in your hands, you'll see that the filer is clear plastic and can do a visual inspection. Actually, since you've gone this far, you might as well wash out the filter. To remove the filter screen, simply push down and twist off the cap. A small round screen will now be free to drop out. Rinse it out in clean water and drop it right back in. Twist the cap back on and then its back to laying down on your side to re-attach the filter assembly to the body and then re-attach the tubing. Everything is finger tight plus a little. Use the clean dry rag to wipe off any traces of water. Drop at least a quart of water into the shower pan and turn on the drain pump. Check for leaks around the filter and the tubing fitting before closing everything up.

When you are all done, I'm willing to bet that you'll agree with me about questioning why Winnebago made this so in-accessible on the QD and HD model. I'm sure that space was a big problem, but to me a much better solution would have been to move it directly under the closet floor. Incidentally, the closet floor is EASILY removed by three screw hiding underneath the carpet of the closet floor around three sides. As you are facing the closet, its the closest edge to you and the left and right sides which translates into vehicle front, vehicle rear, and vehicle right.

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