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Winnebago Factory Tour

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Winnebago provides free factory tours.  All visitors initially see a short movie in the Visitor's Center and then board a bus where they are driven around the facility to see various stages of the production of the RVs.  Visitors are also taken into Big Bertha, the building with multiple assembly lines of the large Class A RVs.

Sadly, the only glimpses of the Rialta are nothing more than a drive-by showing the EuroVan cabs as received from VW to a large parking area of vehicles ready to ship out.  Inside the large building where the wall panels are made, you might get lucky and spot some Rialta walls and doors (which is the only curved door that Winnebago makes).

Below are a few of the photographs taken in June of 2001.  If you have not made Forest City, Iowa on any of your trips, then its time you added it.

Click on any image to view full size.


The Visitor Center Building with a large parking area directly in front with some electrical hook ups along one side.


Visitor Center sign that can't be missed from the roadway.  Note that there are two tours each day during the summer months.


The Winnebago Rally Grounds showing the individual sites with electric hookups.  The red post off to the left near the roadway is a water station.  The factory facility can be seen off on the right side of the picture.


The Winnebago Rally Grounds showing the double roadways around the grounds.  The Red Barn in the back is a meeting/eating facility.  Not shown in the photo are the various dump stations placed around the facility similar to the water stations.


The Customer Service and Parts Center located across the street from the Visitor Center.  There is a small "camping area" with electrical hook ups just off to the right side where customers can wait in their RV until their turn comes.


Inside the engine compartment showing the 201 HP VW engine.  Note the "V6" emblem on the front grill which is not on the vehicles when they arrive from VW.


MY 2002 Rialta on display at the Visitor Center.  This is the first time I have ever seen one on display there.  Supposedly they claim they could never get an extra one built in time for their own use.


Custom Wheels available beginning with MY 2002 (and yes, they are 16").  And yes, the ugly disc brake caliper and rotor are plainly visible.


New EuroVans awaiting to be converted into campers


More EuroVans. I was surprised that they continue to make this many.


EV cabs used for Rialta production in storage area.  These cabs are all marked for a production order and will be moved to the Frame Shop soon.  Note that the 16" wheels are installed and that both cabs include an OEM seat which gets removed in the Frame Shop and is returned to VW.


EV cabs attached together awaiting movement to Frame Shop in preparation for Rialta use.  Note that there is no "V6" emblem on the front grill.


Frame Shop and Chassis Storage Area.  Note the double row of EV cabs on the left side.  The larger Class A chassis are stored off on the right side.


Outside the Frame Shop showing EV cabs with the rear chassis attached awaiting movement to the Rialta Assembly area.  You can clearly see that the back wall of the cab has been cut away.


Frame Shop where the VW seat is removed, the back wall opened up, and the Winnebago chassis attached to the EuroVan cab chassis.  The vehicle wiring harness changes are effected at this time also.


Another view of the Frame Shop showing various vehicles being prepped.  The larger chassis in the foreground are for Class A RVs.  You can see the large amount of Class A chassis being stored in the fields off in the background.


Want to know how to get to Forest City, Iowa or how to avoid getting lost in the huge metropolis that Forest City is?  Check out these maps of the areas:

Forest City Area Map and Street Map

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