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On this page:

Please note that in all cases, the proper application is based on the model year of the EuroVan chassis and not the model year of the Rialta which may be one year newer.  If in doubt, always check your VIN on the VIN look-up page.

Also note that I am attempting to give as many brand name part numbers as possible but I have not personally checked each one to verify that it is an IDENTICAL match.  If you note a problem with a brand part number given here, please advise me so that I can remove it from this list.

There are basically three different engine/drivetrain combinations used from the EuroVan model years 1995-2003.  These years will be color coded in the filter charts according to the following: If you have a 2004 or 2005 Rialta, then almost certainly you have a 2003 EuroVan chassis as 2003 is the last year in which the EV chassis was imported into the United States (although it may have a 2004 VIN).

VW Engine Type

I-5 cylinder

VR6 - 140HP

VR6 - 201HP

   1995  1996  1997  1998  1999  2000  2001  2002 2003
Engine Size, cc 2459 2459 2792 2792 2792 2792 2792 2792 2792
Horsepower 109 109 140 140 140 140 201 201 201
Engine Type I5 I5 V6 V6 V6 V6 V6 V6 V6
Fuel Delivery C C FI FI FI FI FI FI FI
Transmission Code CGK? CGK? 01P 01P 01P 01P 01P 01P 01P
Valves per Cylinder 2 2 2 2 2 2 4 4 4





Oil Filter

For the more common element type filters on the 6 cylinder engines (the 5 cylinder uses a spin on type): "Regarding oil filters for EuroVan and all European vehicles in general.  Mann, Knecht-Mahle and Hengst are all OEM filter manufacturers for nearly every European marquee.  While these three companies are the largest suppliers, there are also some lesser known firms producing filters for both auto manufacturers and the OEM aftermarket.  Companies such as VW put out a request for X thousand filters to many filter manufacturers at the same time.  The filters must be made to VW's specifications and the low bidder will be the firm awarded the contract.  One filter manufacturer may have a contract one year and another filter manufacturer may have it the following year.  The same can be said for brake pad manufacturers and many other parts, as well.  As long as you stick with a well known brand, such as one of the three mentioned above, you can be assured of getting a quality filter element.  Like anything else, you get what you pay for.  Many of the Asian "knock offs" have skimpy filter medium and may not do the job, so be careful what filter element you purchase, regardless if it is for oil, air or fuel.  Your engine's longevity is riding on the quality of these filters."  ---Steve Schock, Europarts,  (AES, 12 valve filter shown to the left)


Special Note:On the filter for the AXK, 24 valve engine, the left picture below shows how the filter looks out of the box.  The "snout" may be removed before installation, as shown on the right, otherwise the filter may get deformed when installed.  It's only there to hold the small o-ring for the drain plug on the filter cap.  Some of the cheap filters copied this wrong and the stem isn't removeable, so it has to be cut off.  (Click on photo for larger version.)


Chassis Year 1995 - 1996 1997 - 2000 2001 - 2003
AC Delco PF960* PF2193 PF1708
Beck/Arnley 0418141 0418129 0418179
Bosch 72191 72197  
Carquest     CQF84083
Champ   P846  
FRAM PH2815 CH8158 CH9461
Hersteller 074 115 561 021 115 562A 070 115 562
Knecht-Mahle OC105    
Mann W9504 HU9326 HU7197X
NAPA 1773 1212 7083
Purolator   L25250 L38113
STP   S8158 S9461
Wix 51773 51212 57083
VW 074 115 561 021 115 562A 070 115 562

= click to view image of product
* - replaces PF2142

An average price for an oil filter is about $12 for a single filter purchased from a retail store.  Some major retail parts store may have a compatible filter in stock but supply and availability is limited and varies by location.  Online prices are about $10 for each filter but shipping is extra.

TIP = Try your VW dealership to see if they will give you a discount if you buy three or more filters at one time.

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Engine Air Filter


Shown in the photo is the entire engine air filter in place.  The cab pollen air filter assembly has been removed for clarity.  This particular filter is the Mann C29198 which fits all model years of the VR6 engine.



Chassis Year 1995 - 1996 1997 - 2000 2001 - 2003
Beck/Arnley 0421555 0421683 0421683
Bosch 73436    
FRAM CA7691 CA8169
CA8651 (HD)
CA8651 (HD)
Mann C172013 C29198 C29198
NAPA 2402 2485 2485
Wix 42402 ,
 46330 (HD)
42485 42485
VW 044 129 620 074 129 620 074 129 620

An average price for an engine air filter is about $22 when purchased from a retail store but supply and availability is limited and varies by location.  Online prices are about $4 cheaper but do not include shipping.

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Cabin Air Filter (Pollen Filter)

The cabin air filter is easily replaced without any tools.  Simply unsnap the hooks holding the housing together, remove the old filter, insert the new filter, and replace the outer housing securely.

Chassis Year 1995 - 1996 1997 - 2000 2001 - 2003
AC Delco      
Deutsch C28233 CAF1744 (?) C28233
Mann CU1738 CU1738 CU1738
Purolator C28233 C28233 C28233
VW 7D0 819 989 7D0 819 989 7D0 819 989

If you can find one at a retail store, expect to pay about $30.  Generally speaking, practically none of the regular retail outlets will carry this filter in stock.  Your best source of supply is from an online source.  Online prices are about $18 and do not include shipping.

TIP - If you don't live in a dusty, pollen prone area, you might be able to squeeze some extra life out of an old filter by simply banging it on the ground to dislodge contaminants.  If it looks dirty and clogged, then it needs replacing.

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Automatic Transmission Filter Kit

Be careful when purchasing any "filter kit" because there are actually two main parts needed and your "kit" may or may not include both parts.  The first one is the actual filter which includes one thick round gasket.  The photo on the left shows both the top side and the under side of the filter (for the 098 tranny ONLY) at the top part of the pictures.  Also needed is a new pan gasket which is the large black gasket show in the photo at the bottom half of the picture.  Usually this new gasket will include five steel hollow spacers which get inserted into the gasket and prevent you from over-tightening the pan bolts.

All total you will need the following parts:

  •  1 filter assembly

  •  1 round gasket for the filter assembly

  •  1 large pan gasket

  •  4 or 5 steel spacers (depending on year)


    Chassis Year 1995 - 1996 1997 - 2000 2001 - 2003
    AC Delco TF315*
    TF 323
    TF 323 TF 323
    ATC FK325*
    Conti 098 398 009A 098 398 009A 098 398 009A
    FRAM FT1186*
    NAPA ATM098398009A ATM098398009A ATM098398009A
    Wix 58609*
    VW 098 398 009A 098 398 009A 098 398 009A

    * 098 tranny only, no drain plug!

    If you can find one at a retail store, expect to pay about $40.  Online prices are about $30 but do not include shipping.

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    Fuel Filter

    Believe it or not, replacement of this critical filter is NOT on the official VW maintenance schedule!  Can you imagine a manufacturer not recommending to change a filter?  In my opinion, this was a major oversight by VW and one that they never bothered to correct or cared to admit that it was an oversight.

    If you have the VW dealership or your mechanic change it, expect to pay about $20 for the filter and no more than 1/2 hour of labor.  If you buy it yourself from parts houses, expect to pay about $15 and is very easy for the do-it-yourselfer to change.  The filter is located under the vehicle right behind the gas tank.  One clip holds it in place and the rubber hoses are held on by the typical hose clamp.  You will get a small amount of gasoline spilled when you disconnect the hoses and the old filter so have a suitable rag ready to wipe up any spills.  Wear safety glasses to protect your eyes and make sure you install the filter with the directional areas pointing in the right direction.

      1995 - 1996 1997 - 2000 2001 - 2003
    AC Delco GF538* GF538* GF538*
    Beck/Arnley 0430805 0430805 0430805
    Bosch 71028 71028 71028
    FRAM G3829 G3829 G3829
    Mann WK8307 WK8307 WK8307
    Hersteller 1H0 201 511A 1H0 201 511A 1H0 201 511A
    NAPA 3179 3179 3179
    Purolator F60146 F60146 F60146
    Wix 33179 33179 33179
    VW 1H0 201 511A 1H0 201 511A 1H0 201 511A

    *Replace GF538B

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