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General Information:

The paint that Winnebago uses for the color skirting/valence panels on the exterior of the Rialta is a DuPont Imron Polyurethane enamel.  One previous Rialta user after checking some of his local sources, thought that the paint was "rare, difficult to find, and expensive".  However, Imron paints are used in the top-of-the-line automotive specialty applications and industrial applications where its attributes set it apart from all the other "common" paints bought in bulk by the "mass production" body shops.  Manufacturing facilities such as Winnebago use Imron paints because of their low VOCs and the lower impact on air quality.  By comparison, it is an expensive paint and they could very well have chosen any other type in order to save money but with that savings would come a decrease in the paint quality.

Any owner wishing to repaint these parts of the Rialta is free to choose any type of paint they want.  Sometimes the paint/body shop may wish to know the type of paint that was originally used in order to achieve a more effective bond with the new finish.  Winnebago Industries does not ship any paint other than the standard VW Artic White in small vials for "touch up".  Rialta owners can purchase the VW Artic White paint much cheaper than Winnebago's price from their local VW dealership or even cheaper from any local automotive paint supply distributor.

Any reputable automotive paint distributor will be able to supply this DuPont Imron paint in either one quart or one gallon sizes.  Be aware that the cost for one gallon is easily over $150.00.  One quart of the paint may cost up to $100 so any ideas of just doing a "small touch up" are not economically feasible.  It would be best to repaint the entire set of panels which would also insure against any slight color variations in matching the original.

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Material Safety Data Sheets:

Federal law requires that all chemicals and paints used in the manufacturing products are required to have Material Safety Data Sheets available to the employees who handle and consumers who use such products.

Imron Paints Material Data Safety Sheets (MDS)


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Yearly Paint Codes:

The following PDF files give complete information about the specific paint colors, decor, and graphics used on all models of Winnebagos including the Rialta and the EuroVan Camper.

Links to all files in Adobe PDF format.

1995 & 1996

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