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Sealants Call Out Sheets (Rialta, All Models; Vista; Sunstar):

All links to Adobe PDF files

1995 1996 1997 1998 1999 2000 2001 2002 2003 2004 2005  

Winnebago has not made available specific information on model years before 2000. Because there is little difference, you can probably use the model year 2000 Information for general guidance as to which types of sealants were used.

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Sealants Guides:

The following files from Winnebago are of general information and may be of interest to certain Rialta owners. Except the the "H-Body Sealants Guide", they cover practices and methods used on all the models of RVs as built by Winnebago and therefore not everything within each document may pertain to the Rialta line.

All files are in Adobe PDF format.

  •  Exterior Sealants Guide
  •  H-Body (Rialta) Sealants Guide
  •  Interior Sealants Guide
  •  Roof Sealants Guide

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    Winnebago Sealant Part Numbers and Product Descriptions:

    Use the model year specific Call Out Sheet or information from any of the Sealant Guides which may only provide a Winnebago part number. Listed below is the description of the actual type of sealant being specified.

    Part Number
    072889-22-000 Urethane
    131264-03-01A Self-leveling Silicone
    131264-01-02A Silicone
    112864-02 Butyl Tape
    69640-14 Butyl Tape
    69640-03 Butyl Tape
    69640-21 Butyl Tape

    The "urethane" caulking can be replaced by a commonly available "polyurethane" caulking available at well-stocked hardware and paint stores. Expect to pay about $5 per caulking tube. Do NOT use the much cheaper "latex" based caulks such as Dap, etc.

    I feel confident in saying that the differences in the three or four types of butyl tape specified above all related to the thickness of the tape and the width of the tape. I do not yet have that specific information. The butyl tapes may be a little harder to find except at the largest well-stocked stores or you may try a local glass shop as these tapes are commonly used for setting glass windows. Most rolls of butyl tape are either 25 or 50 feet long and will cost anywhere from $5 to $10 per roll.

    The "self-leveling silicone" is only available through your Winnebago dealer or any other RV dealership or RV specialty store for that matter. Prices vary widely and the minimum size is usually a one gallon container.

    In all instances, I can not stress the importance of thoroughly cleaning the surfaces to be resealed. All traces of dirt, oil, and any other debris must be removed in order for the sealant to adhere properly.

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