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Floor Plans:

I have no idea what the QD, FD, or HD actually mean, if anything at all.

All Rialtas are built on the same identical chassis and have the same identical widths, heights, and lengths.  None is any larger than the others.  The only difference is in the interior floor plan.  In a nutshell, it all boils down to a choice of "seats, beds, or dinette table".

Model QD
(click to enlarge image)

This model provides the extra two seats just behind the driver and passenger.  It gains this space over the model HD at the sacrifice of a smaller galley, no swivel lounge chair, and less storage cabinets.  It has a belted-seating capacity of eight (8) and sleeping areas for three.  All of the storage and cabinet doors are made of the gray thermoplastic material and none of the oak and wood finishes are used.  It has the same identical rear seats and dinette table as the model HD.


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Model FD Standard -- Double Bed
(click to enlarge image)


Model FD Optional -- Twin beds
(click to enlarge image)

These models provide the built-in permanent beds, either one large double bed or two smaller twin beds.  Either type has only three (3) belted-seating positions and can only sleep two people.  This model lacks any dedicated type of dinette table and loses a great deal of space in order to gain the advantage of the permanent bedding and increased wardrobe cabinetry.


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Model HD
(click to enlarge image)

This model seems to be a compromise between the other two models and is probably the most popular model.  It has seven (7) belted-seating positions and can sleep two.  It offers the rear dinette table plus the swivel lounge chair in addition to a larger galley area which includes a larger refrigerator with freezer compartment, a 3-burner range, and an optional oven.


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Winnebago's Yearly Specification Sheets and Brochures

The following were the vehicle specification sheets as displayed by Winnebago Industries on their web sites for various years.  All files are in PDF format.

  • Model Year 2005  Specs   Brochure
  • Model Year 2004  Specs   Brochure
  • Model Year 2003  Specs   Brochure
  • Model Year 2002  Specs   Brochure
  • Model Year 2001  Specs   Brochure
  • Model Year 2000  Specs   Brochure
  • Model Year 1999  Specs   Brochure
  • Model Year 1999 Classic  Specs   Brochure
  • Model Year 1998  Specs   Brochure
  • Model Year 1997  Specs   Brochure
  • Model Year 1996  Specs   Brochure
  • Model Year 1995  Specs   Brochure

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    Vehicle Heights:

    Something that all owners of any RV should know....especially before driving for the first time.  Note that while this chart from Winnebago only shows the model years 2004 and 2005, all other model years should be identical.

  •  Vehicle Height Charts 2004-2005 (PDF)

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    Specialty Rialtas:

    Winnebago has occasionally made some special use Rialta's such as the following:

  • Limousine (PDF)
  • Commercial Shell (PDF)
  • Commercial Shell Chassis Specifications (PDF)
  • Ability Equipped Rialta (PDF)

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    Identify Your Motorhome:

    A handy reference guide from Winnebago detailing how to identify certain options on your vehicle and how to read the Winnebago Certification Label

  •  Winnebago Coach ID Help  (PDF)

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    Yearly Model Changes

    Some changes are subtle and not perceptible unless you compare them side-by-side with the previous year's model.  Even during any given production year, the brand name of many items change from week to week all depending upon the source of supply for Winnebago.  Below are the listings of what I know to be the major changes that are visually noticeable.

    Please note that a "Model Year XXXX Rialta" may use the same model year VW EuroVan chassis or more than likely uses the previous model year VW EuroVan chassis.  Only your VIN will identify which model year VW EuroVan is used for your underlying chassis.  Information contained on this page assumes the same model year EuroVan as the Rialta.

    Please note that all 2004 and 2005 Rialtas are virtually identical and they all use the 2003 EuroVan chassis, although the VIN may show as a 2004 model.

     Model Year 2003-2005:    

    VW Changes:

    Added an under-hood engine light.

    No longer have the automatic relock enabled for the doors.

    Winnebago Changes:

    Generator now standard equipment

    Added new optional high capacity air conditioner only when ordered with the optional stylized wheels.

    Changed the "Wintergreen Metallic" exterior color scheme to the "Light Silver Metallic" which also changed the exterior graphics from green/gold colors to blue/green colors.  The design remains unchanged.

    Changed the "Sahara Gray Metallic" exterior color scheme to the "Canyon Red Metallic" which also changed the exterior graphics from green/gold colors to gold/plum colors.  The design remains unchanged.  It should be noted that this "Canyon Red" certainly looks identical to the "Plum Haze Metallic" used in Model year 2000.

    Changed the "Gray Flannel" interior color scheme to "Gray Slate".  The carpet appears identical and only the pattern cloth fabric is different.

    Panasonic Radio/CD player now standard equipment; Radio/cassette player no longer available.

    Video cassette player now standard equipment in the QD model.

    Changed back to a dual-control faucet in the galley.

    Added an "Auxiliary Heat, electric AC heat strip" to the roof air unit as optional equipment.

    Exterior wash station now standard equipment instead of optional.

     Model Year 2002:    

    Please note that all 2002 Rialtas use the 2001 VW chassis.

    This model year for Winnebago marked a departure from the normal start of the Winnebago model year because Volkswagen was introducing their model year 2001 new, more powerful engine along with many other changes in the EuroVan.  As a consequence, Winnebago decided to synchronize their new model year when the new EuroVans became available in March of 2001.  The problem was that Winnebago already had a model year 2001 which was using 2000 EuroVan cabs (a common practice in the RV industry is that the underlying chassis may be a year older than the model year of the RV).  In order to avoid having some Winnebago 2001 models with the older 2000 engine and some with the newer 2001 engines, Winnebago started the model year 2002 early and all are based on the 2001 EuroVan chassis.  In effect, the model year 2001 vehicles were produced for less than half of a year and the model year 2002 vehicles were produced for over one and a half years.

    VW changes:

    201 HP engine; 4-valve per cylinder; variable valve timing; engine size remained the same).

    16" tires instead of 15".

    4 wheel disc brakes; vented rotors in front; solid rotors in rear.

    Uses a fold-up key fob and transducer.

    Added the 30 second timeout feature to automatically relock the doors (which causes problems if you exit the vehicle through the coach door and leave the keys inside).

    Winnebago Changes:

    Optional stylized aluminum wheels available.

    Dropped the purple exterior valance color and introduced the "Wintergreen" color.

    Dropped the "Canyon Spruce" interior color scheme and introduced the "Laurel Mist" scheme.

    Re-introduced two different colors of carpeting depending upon choice of interior scheme (2001 year all used gray carpet regardless of color scheme).

    Furnace thermostat changed from Robertshaw to Suburban brand.

    Exterior graphics changed with a predominate green color regardless of choice of exterior valance color.

    Changed to a high neck faucet in the galley.

    Electrical contacts (Magnum Shooters) instead of a wire loop on the coach door power lock.

     Model Year 2001:    

    Please note that all 2001 Rialtas used the 2000 VW chassis because the 2001 EuroVan chassis came with the newer 201 HP engine.

    VW Changes:

    VW changed design of the belly-pan with a notched cut-out to allow changing oil filter without removing entire pan.  Its unclear whether this was ever introduced in actual production or if only for chassis shipped to Winnebago.  It may also be that VW allowed Winnebago to effect the changes without compromising VW's warranty status.

    Winnebago Changes:

    Added a light to the rear storage compartment.

    Dropped the "Sterling Silver" interior fabrics and added the "Gray Flannel" fabric.

    Dropped both of the "two-tone" carpet  colors and now offers only one design regardless of choice of interior fabrics.

    Changed the name only of the exterior valance colors from "Plum Haze" to "Berrywood Metallic" and from "Sahara Grey" to "Sahara Metallic".

    Changed the optional cassette or CD player from Sony to Panasonic.

    Changed the color in the lower portion of the graphics decal but otherwise the shape and design is the same.

    Added a porch light.

    Following items made "standard" and no longer optional:

  • Air Springs
  • Auxiliary cab ceiling air conditioning w/4 outlets
  • Wiper/washer - rear window
  • TV Enhancement Package - antenna amplified
  • Shower package with curtain and power drain
  • Air conditioning - roof, 7,100 BTU
  • Auxiliary batteries (2) deep cycle marine

     Model Year 2000:    

    VW Changes:

     VW added the functionality of the parking brake lever to turn off the DRLs.

    Winnebago Changes:

    Handles on interior cabinets changed to a wider design.

    Added a skylight in the galley area in Model QD (previously only available in the FD or HD).

    Changed the graphics decal by deleting the decal stripe that continued across the front hood.

     Model Year 1999:   

    Winnebago changes:

    Changed the graphics design especially around the area that says "Rialta".

    Changed the design of the wheel covers.

    Reconfigures floor plans and Model lines as the current Models 22FD, 22QD, and 22HD mid model year.  The early model year is labeled "Classic" and did not include the HD model.

     Model Year 1998:    

    Winnebago changes:

    No changes noted.

     Model Year 1997:    

    VW changes:

    VR-6 engine replace the 5-cylinder design.

    Winnebago changes:

    Winnebago reconfigures floor plan slightly and vehicle length increased from 20'-6" to 21'-6".

     Model Year 1996:    

    Winnebago changes:

    No changes noted.

     Model Year 1995:    

    Winnebago changes:

    Winnebago introduced the new Rialta Model 221-RC with the rear double bed and the Model 221-RD with the rear dinette (similar to current model QD).

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